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Frequently asked Questions

In todays world, a successful business requires a strong presence online. With so many consumers not only buying but also browsing, researching and exploring the web, having an attractive, engaging and practical website is essential for success. Therefore, if you are not fully satisfied with your domain provider, it is vital that you transfer your domain to a provider that better suits your needs. Which domain provider you have has a huge effect on the management and overall success of your site. The features offered and the quality of those features will greatly vary from provider to provider; therefore, it is important for you to assess which tools are necessary for your site. In addition to this, the level of service and the price of packages differs between providers. Businesses and individuals continue to opt for a B3 domain due to the competitive prices that we offer. Without losing out on either the level of service or the quality of our features, when you transfer your domain to B3 you will be taking advantage of some of the best rates on the market. If your website is not a business domain but a personal site, we would still urge you to transfer your domain to B3. Our extensive selection of tools and features on offer are applicable to personal sites as much as they are to businesses.